Boo, I need good food!

Okay, so this sounds familiar to all the Dog Moms / Dog Dads, isn’t it? Well, you must be surely terrified of the fact that your dog might soon get bored of the food he is eating now and start being finicky. But deep down in your heart, all you want to do is feed them real, balanced and whole food. As long as your dog gets to choose his own diet, you will be at a huge risk for having to feed him a lower quality food or the type of food that is not necessarily what he should be eating.

Dogs evolved as devious foragers that fed off our unwanted food; they have grown to eat whatever is accessible to them and therefore are not picky by nature. This picky behavior is learned and regrettably, in every case of a picky dog, it is us, the pet parent that has taught or trained them to be picky. The most common reason for the picky behavior is offering too many treats, too much variety, or altering foods if they ever seem uninterested or are holding out for something new.

Now is the time to reverse this behavior. How? Try these easy tips –

  • Eradicate or limit variety if you have a fussy dog. Variety is fine as long as your dog is accepting whatever you put in front of him.
  • Do not respond if your dog is no longer as inspired by the previous recipe. If you alter your dog’s food as soon as he shows a small amount of apathy, you will eventually train him to be picky.
  • Eliminate much of treats if your dog is being picky.
  • Feed your dog by scheduling his meal and set the food out for 30-45 minutes, if it’s not eaten during that time, take it away. But remember that during this time, he will beg for some treats; do not give any.
  • Keep one or two options that he likes the best, and avoid introducing new recipes. If you do it and your dog discards his next meal, all you have to do is go back to step 1 and follow the plan. Feed only one recipe, with no treats for the next 2 weeks.

You need to know something very important when it comes to dogs –

You can trust your dog to guard your house, but never trust your dog to guard your food!

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