“If there is significant damage to coffee stocks, it could impact supply. If not, it will just delay shipments.”

– Joe DeRupo

In the coming year 2019, India’s coffee exports could drop by 8% to 23,000 tons because 5 years down the line, production is expected to reach a lower level, which was said by the head of the industry body. The overall coffee cultivation has been affected by floods especially in the Southern region of India which is well-known for its coffee bean production

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India is expected to produce 310,000 tons of coffee in the marketing year 2018-19, which started on 1st October. On September 30th 2018, the end of the marketing year, India produced 316,000 tons of coffee, which included 221,000 tons of Robusta and 95,000 tons of Arabica, which has been scrutinized by the state-run Coffee Board. The production hasn’t been very humongous but coffee was still exported from the carry-forward to the present year stock.

-Mr. Ramesh Rajah (President of coffee export association)

By the end of November, Indian farmers will start harvesting Arabica coffee while Robusta picking starts from December. In all key producing states, farmers have reported around 3,000 acres of coffee plantation damage.

”We will have a better idea about production in January”

-Mr.Boje Gowda (Chairman of the coffee board)

Italy, Germany, and Belgium are the premium payers over the global prices, which also impacts on the economy of coffee producers in India.