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Modern technology, exchange of cultures, fitness trends and an increased consciousness about our nutritional intake are few of the factors influencing our growing expectations from the food service industry. Some of these trends responsible for the dynamic changes in consumer preferences are

  • Influential Gourmet Culture

A rise in the number of fancy food emporiums, food halls, and food festivals are becoming an emerging trend for the integration of a dining experience and innovation of global flavors. These fully immersive experiences are catering to the food-centric culture of this generation.

  • Remarkable Tasting Experiences

Memorable food experiences drive today’s dining choices and young consumers are going to continue to speed up this trend. Food that takes consumers on a trip down the memory lane and creates nostalgia by reviving the memory of a grandmother’s recipe, childhood delights or offering a chef’s tasting menu, etc. are effectively garnering the attention of the consumers that keep coming back to recreate their experience.

  • Reasonably priced Fine Dine

Fine dining is indulging in a refined artistic experience of savoring food in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Fine-dining restaurants are cutting down on expenses by shifting their focus on fresh products from the local markets to make fine dining affordable for the local residents.

  • Locality and Seasonality

 In an effort to cater to the demands of consumers that are mindful of their dietary habits, food service providers are emphasizing on the utilization of fresh local and seasonal produce in their menu. This has several advantages such as fresh seasonal ingredients, less use of freshly frozen food, cost-savings, etc.

  • Presentation, Convenience, and Visual Appeal

Food blogging, online reviews, and Instagram-worthy pictures are all a part of the eating habits of the current generation. Presentation and the visual appeal of the food are becoming an essential component of the foodservice industry today. The attractive appearance of appetizing food is instantly creating a craving for social media users that are keen to explore new places to eat. Convenient packaging is also becoming a consumer priority for the hectic lifestyles of consumers that like to eat on-the-go.

  • Simplicity

 Clean, simple, presentable, appetizing, aromatic, flavorsome, and delectable foods that instantly appeal to the taste buds are being preferred by the consumers. It could either be a simple ingredient with a bold flavor, presented in a clean and elegant manner or an enticing combination of several ingredients, offered in a sophisticated manner. Simplicity, transparency, and value for money are the qualities consumers are considering worthy of contributing to a sensual experience.

The food service providers are becoming the organizers of their consumer’s culinary journey by understanding their requirements and offering sinful indulgences paired with luxurious dining amenities. It is changing the consumer’s perception and shifting their focus from food to the entire dining experience.