Is Artificial Intelligence the future of F&B industry?

The food & beverage industry is always looking for new ways to satisfy their customers while also keeping the costs low as the demand of the consumers is constantly demanding for more or less. At times, these demands can be a tall order for us, so companies are turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to hack logistics, customer experience and other facets of businesses to keep themselves in the greener side.

But the question here is – How do companies industrialize their businesses in a time span where consumers are trending more towards hand-crafted experiences?

To ensure that your customers are feeling the way they want to, you need to make sure that everything about their transaction goes perfectly. Incorporating AI into businesses can intensely reduce human error and will eventually hike up the quality that will lead to an increase in sales and eventually customer satisfaction. The major AI applications can actually have a positive impact on the front-and-back-end processes of F&B companies.

Scroll through the progress of F&B companies because of AI –

  • Shelf management: F&B vendors can use AI to systematize the inventory management, wherein staff can take photos of the store shelves to initiate a machine learning process that frequently senses missing or misplaced items and informs stakeholders to restock or make corrections.
  • Image-based procurement: AI and image-recognition technologies can comfort the obtaining process and decrease the time that it takes to send an order. Employees can take a photo of an item to stimulate an automatic database search for the precise item or a comparable product.
  • Personalized customer service: Using chatbots or voice assistants driven by natural language processing and machine learning, companies can tap consumer shopping data and history to provide hyper-personalized and automated customer service experiences.

Ken Wood the Executive Vice President of product management at logistics technology company Descartes, cautions: “It is aching to wire systems together and our customers keep telling this to us constantly. The more the vendors, the harder the project. The more systems you have to flagstone together, the classier and longer time it takes.”

Here, AI is the ingredient that binds food and humans together. Let’s get AI soon!