Is Facebook at another risk?

On Wednesday, the most popular and commonly used social media app, Facebook said that it considers all the charging application makers to access all the data at the social network. This move would have been the most important shift away from the policy of not selling the members informed of Facebook, which the social network has strained in the name of reproach asserting it is more concerned in making money than protecting privacy.

The Wall Street Journal described that all the internal emails specify that Facebook mulled all the charging companies for access to user data were mentioned to in a lawsuit that was filed against the social network in 2015 by Six4Three, maker of a failed app called “Pikinis”. The application, permitted the users to find Facebook pictures of people in bathing suits, taking benefit of an API feature that let apps access the data of social network users as well as their friends.

Konstantinos Papamiltiadis, director of developer platforms and programs said, “To be precise, Facebook has at no time sold anyone’s data”. He also added that all the APIs have always been free of charge and they have never required essential developers to pay for using them, either straight or by buying advertising.

The suit blames Facebook of mistreating its power over user data. Almost all the documents that were filed in the case have been taped up by a California judge, which was a request by Facebook. According to WSJ, some of the emails specified that the employees of Facebook have deliberated providing augmented access of user information to advertisers and in return for spending some more money on the social network.

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