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Mascara gives your lashes curls that make them swirl and adds a delicate touch to your daily makeup. Even the no-makeup look is incomplete without a dash of your favorite mascara. The trending mascara looks have similar inclinations to colors like other makeup products. However, these eye-popping colors can easily go over the top and require a bit of effort along with discretion to fit into your daily makeup routine. So, here are 4 tips for colored mascara enthusiasts like you to effortlessly adopt the colorful lashes trend:

Lash Primer for the right Glamour

Prep your lashes properly by applying primer as it will add volume and length before swiping your brightly hued mascara to ensure a glitch-free canvas for bright colors to pop.

Keep it Simple to let your eyes Twinkle

The bright eyes can be paired with neutral or monochromatic makeup to achieve a balanced look. Keep the rest of the makeup neutral, or pair your eyeliner and lipstick shade to the mascara of your choice to avoid the clash of bold colors.

Colors to Brighten Your Eyes

Choosing a colored mascara to suit your eyes can be a perplexing task, especially for beginners. To ensure you get the right shade of mascara for yourself, here are a few tips for the colors you choose:

  • Blue

Blue is the safest color to begin your journey of using colored mascara as it complements every eye color and brighten your eyes.

  • Teal

Teal mascaras look like gorgeous embellishments, especially when applied on light colored lashes.

  • Purple or Violet

Purple or Violet highlights hazel eyes by bringing out their golden or amber flecks.

  • Green

Green hues emphasize the reddish tone in and around your eyes. These mascaras can be tricky to wear and are usually applied on just the tips of eyelashes.

Layer it to Suit your Needs

Regardless of the color you choose, remember to keep the rest of your makeup subtle and coat both your top and bottom lashes. Achieve a playful, yet delicate look by either applying color on the tips of your lashes or wearing it only on your bottom lashes and swiping your regular black on the top fringe.

So, improve your eye makeup game by adding a dash of these beautiful mascara hues…as mascara underneath your expressive eyes brightens them up and enhances your style.

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