Transport Industry Is Turning Smarter

People move across the city for hours-and-hours using roads for their daily work routines, which includes school, college, business and other reasons. While moving around, it is better to opt for a safe mode of transport. After putting in tremendous effort, scientists and researchers have developed Artificial Intelligence (AI) to support transportation in the Manufacturing Industry. The revolution of AI refers to the capability of a machine to use its intellect and outclass in any situation that the environment has to offer. In order to create a superior customer experience and progress immensely, this transformation is much needed. In emergent autonomous drive platforms, ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems) are making use of artificial intelligence as a key component. There numerous benefits from AI alerts like detection of objects, bad road condition, detection of pedestrians, etc., which is based on camera-based vision.

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  • Vehicle-to-vehicle Communication through Ad-hoc Network –

The automation that used artificial intelligence is transforming transportation system within the city. With the help of IoT, there has been a development in communication among the machines, wherein each and every car will be a part of an ad-hoc network and will be able to communication with all the other cars in the same ad-hoc network. This vehicle-to-vehicle communication offers better safety to the customer as it calculates the risk that is involved in applying breaks and the other aspects precisely.

  • Knock-Knock; there’s AI inside the car –

AI has turned out to be fruitful, as its new algorithm can now monitor the driver with sensors or cameras. It alerts the driver by checking the eyes of the driver and the position of his head. AI detects passenger occupancy along with the seat belt, which is used to ensure the safety of the passengers while the vehicle is on drive. Along with this, AI alerts passengers on items, such as mobiles phones and purses, which have been left behind in the vehicle.

  • Hey I see a traffic jam ahead –

AI is the most advanced technology that has been invented so far as it has the ability to recognize the traffic jam, which can cause you to be late for a meeting and offers to send a note about your delay. Machine learning is used to forecast and avoid traffic jams and to process complex data, researchers have been working on Traffic Management Systems to recommend the best routes for drivers.

To sum up this techy fiction –

There is a smart city designed by Ford that accommodates AI-powered cars and trucks, wherein the vehicles will be linked to each other and share the status for AI to play a vital role in avoiding collisions and accidents.